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My name is Sofia and I'm an Inherited Psychic Empath.

As a Psychic Empath I'm able to access a person’s auric field (the life force that surrounds living things) and ascertain information that is communicated through me. This means that I have little control over what I'm being spiritually guided to convey.

The divination tools used for private readings are intuitively guided included:

  • Tarot and other Oracle decks: While Tarot is the most widely known tool, other decks used are: 
  1. I Ching Oracle.
  2. Chakra cards.
  3. Spirit and Crystal Oracles.
  4. Angel and Healing cards.
  5. Frequency based Oracle decks and other.

  • Spirit Guides : I work with my guide team — or yours — to obtain information from the Energetic Web. These beings interface with Divine wisdom and knowledge, and they have a perspective that is beyond human knowing.

  • Crystals : Crystals help me focus my attention so that I can tap into my clairvoyant powers to see visions or answers to client questions.

  • Pendulum : The pendulum is a powerful tool that I also use for divination and decision making. The use of pendulums for divination has been around since ancient times.

  • Numerology : Everything in the entire universe vibrates at a specific frequency. You, me, plants and spirits. Numerology is the study of the vibrational frequencies of numbers and letters and how they relate to a person.

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