By booking a General reading which includes 

( love, finances, career and other ) you will receive a 

45 to 60 minute recorded Tarot Reading video that will be privately linked for 90 days on YouTube so that you can watch at any time. Of course there is always the option of downloading the video.

Additionally, you will receive an email providing Psychic messages that intend to Help and Guide you through your life's journey. Also, included a Numerology analysis of the 3 digit number you will give me when requested.

In order to proceed please have in mind that I do not advice on legal or health issues nor will I answer questions related to these matters. 

Step 1  Select the appropriate reading for you. Send me an email requesting the package of your choice. 

Step 2  After receiving from Cosmic Tarot an availability confirmation email and a PayPal invoice you are ready for step 3. 

Step 3  Proceed to payment. You don’t need to have a PayPal account , you can pay using a credit or debit card just make sure your country is on the PayPal list.

Step 4  As soon as a receive confirmation from PayPal regarding your payment I will let you know about Step 5.

Your reading will be sent to you within 8 working days. Thank you for trusting my intuition and guidance.

PLEASE NOTE : Only you as an individual is responsible for your actions and decisions.